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Tarot Readings

What Is Tarot Reading?

A Tarot reading can be a great way of receiving guidance. Literally any subject can be addressed, confusion over our life’s direction, where our blocks lie, concerns for loved ones or decisions we have to make.
I often get asked “how can a piece of card that was mass produced in a factory tell me the future?” but the cards are tools used to receive guidance just like your knife and fork are used for your dinner but they are not the meal itself. The reader will have built up a connection to their deck by tapping into their natural intuition. The imagery can often seem to change to suit the client and laying out a spread is like looking at a story unfolding in picture form.

I really believe that every problem faced is designed by a higher power and is important for your souls growth. We can clear up issues in our lives by reflecting on the past, present and future gaining clarity and peace of mind. I incorporate astrology and other esoteric knowledge into my readings which are always confidential and aimed at helping you on your journey.


£30 for 20 minutes

Gift Vouchers are also available for any occasion, these are very pretty and make lovely presents for friends and family

Vouchers can be ordered by text, telephone or email for a monetary amount of your choice.


A tarot reading gives you guidance for your relationship, your career, and any other area of your life. So if you are in need of some answers or guidance – then feel free to contact me and I shall look forward to meeting you.