Reiki – How Does It Work?

Jan 15, 2020 | by Geri

All living beings are made of life force energy – known throughout the world by different names including Chi (Chinese) Ki (Japanese) Prana (Indian) It enables you to vibrate at a certain frequency as all living beings do and this vibrational rate is changeable.
This life force energy flows through us, interacting with our chakras (our energy centres) and meridians and nadi’s (the energy lines that flow through the body) Life force energy also flows around us, interacting with our aura – bands of vibrational energy which surround us and when viewed are seen as bands of colour.

The Main Chakras

There are 7 main chakras which each turn as a wheel would and these are at fixed points down the centre of the head and body and correspond with the different systems of the body such as the respiratory system, digestive system etc

These chakras and the flow of energy can be affected by our experiences and emotions as well of those of others who are in our energy field and can open up and close down in response to this as well as retaining blockages of negative energy which inhibit the life force’s natural flow.

Negative emotions and experiences can also weaken the aura, making it harder to retain life force energy and protect the energy body. We can also carry ancestral trauma and memories and emotions from past lives.

Chemicals, pollutants, drugs and alcohol, processed food and violence in mainstream media are some other things that can also lower a persons vibration and cause “dis-ease” in the body.

Benefits of Reiki

When optimally healthy with a strong life force energy, we have a balanced, healthy physical body, a strong immune system, healthy boundaries, the ability to create, to manifest, to live in our truth and to feel grounded and fully present in our lives.

Our vibration can be lowered by our own thoughts and behaviours – conscious and unconscious – negative self-talk, habitual anxiety, false belief systems and unhealthy habits and the thoughts and behaviours of those around us who either consciously or unconsciously send energy our way. This energy can also manifest as an entity that gets stuck to a persons etheric body causing “dis-ease”

Reiki can re-charge you, re-balance the chakras, help you to release old emotions, remove energy blocks, boost the immune system and activate the para-sympathetic nervous system which is responsible for taking the body back to a resting state following the “flight or fight” hyper-arousal state of stress.

Performing Reiki

Reiki roughly translates to mean ‘spiritually guided life-force energy’. The reiki healer will connect with the energy and then channel the reiki through the hands into the recipient to be received where the recipient needs it most. The receiver can feel anything from heat/cold, tingling, sleepiness, relaxation, a sensation of moving, of time speeding up, see colours/images and have past memories return.


Some people don’t feel much at all but the reiki is always working. As reiki is of a higher power, it has its own intelligence and will always work for your highest good, bypassing the healers ego and giving you the healing you need at that moment in time.

The reiki healer will have been through an attunement process to enable them to be a vessel for the life force energy and to direct it at will. This attunement process is done in stages to allow the practitioner to adjust to the energies and each attunement involves a 21 day healing process for the practitioner as they work on their own healing to better be able to hold the energies.

When performing reiki, the practitioner is opening themselves (and the client) up to a higher consciousness and is better able to tap into their natural intuition. I have had angels come to show me scenes from a clients life and passed over loved ones of the client have come to tell me how the reiki is helping them.

The practitioner can ask you to set your intentions if you have a particular reason for the reiki but cannot guarantee an outcome. Each treatment is different and will always give you what you need.

All sorts of things can happen in the days and weeks following a reiki session, improvements in health and happiness, increased feelings of acceptance and calm, new opportunities can present themselves, signs and synchronicities may become more frequent, old situations and people that no longer serve you can fall away. The reiki can even seem to ‘know’ you are coming, Time doesn’t run in a linear fashion outside of this reality of solid matter and once you have set your intention to have a treatment the universe will often respond and healing/life changes can occur before the session.

There are many ways we can make the most of our reiki session and help to raise our vibration including detoxing, avoiding processed food, increasing nutrients, connecting to nature, meditating, thinking positive thoughts and practising gratitude.

Reiki is non-invasive and can run alongside any conventional treatment you are currently having. Some argue that its effects cannot be measured scientifically but many studies are being carried out and have shown reiki to promote wellbeing in many different ways including lowering blood pressure, producing feelings of relaxation and lessening anxiety and depression and these can be found at several sources including an article in the Evidence Based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, Volume 2011 – entitled “A randomised Controlled Single-Blind Trial of the Efficacy of Reiki at Benefitting Mood and Wellbeing” showing ‘progressive improvement’ in depression and anxiety when given to mental health patients (Bowden, Goddard and Gruzelier) A newer report published in 2017 from the same journal was titled “Reiki is Better Than a Placebo and Has Broad Potential’  (DE McManus)

The UK Reiki Federation amassed a large collection of clinical trials called “Reiki – The Body of Evidence”. They are now working  with  a new research team and new updates are coming in all the time.  More information can be found on  their website 

Reiki continues to become more widespread and is being used effectively throughout hospitals and clinics around the world.

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