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Massage Therapy In Exeter

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is sometimes known as a classic relaxation massage. It is a gentle massage and uses a range of long sweeping strokes to induce relaxation. This type of massage is perfect for those who would like to relax and unwind, taking a break from our often busy and stressful lives, reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep patterns and circulation and easing muscular tension. Relaxation through massage promotes healing in all aspects of physical, mental and emotional health and can empower and revitalise us to cope with the daily stresses of life.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage uses a range of different techniques to move into the deeper lying muscles of the body and is more beneficial in releasing chronic tension in targeted areas and breaking down knots in muscle fibres that can build up over time. This is done by warming and softening the surface muscles before working in deeper using hands, knuckles and sometimes elbows.

This type of massage is great for those who suffer from knotted shoulders, tension headaches due to tight neck and shoulder muscles, piriformis syndrome, sciatica, tight calves, poor posture and limited flexibility.
Some stretches may be advised for you to carry out at home as part of your treatment.

Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial massage treats specific musculo-skeletal problems, injuries and a huge range of health problems, combining various techniques.

This massage is necessary for the treatment of many afflictions and can help with: muscular aches and pains, muscle/tendon strains/sprains, ligament sprains, back pain, hip pain, sciatica/piriformis syndrome, frozen shoulderplantar fasciitis, golfers/tennis elbow, repetitive strain injuries, poor posture/limited flexibility, Imbalances in the body due to spinal abnormalities. 

Holistic treatments

Holistic healthcare incoporates the mind, body and spirit which are interwoven and interacting at all times.

Before training as a massage therapist, I worked in the mental health field and this has given me an enhanced awareness of the mind, body connection. I am also attuned to a spiritually guided life force energy.

Emotions and memories are stored in the physical body and so I am mindful that I am massaging a person and not just a body. For instance, during an accident the shock can be stored in the injury site and I can help this by letting reiki healing energy flow through my hands at the same time as the massage.

So if you are in need of some remedial work or just want some space to relax and unwind then feel free to contact me and I shall look forward to meeting you.

What To Expect

A consultation will be given by your therapist to assess your health and medical history including any injuries you may have and any medication you may be taking. This is to ensure your wellbeing and that any contra-indications are dealt with safety. This also gives me the opportunity to explain how I work, what you can expect from your massage and any side-effects or after care advice you may need and for you to ask any questions you may have. Your treatment will be given in a private room where your modesty and comfort will be ensured. I offer Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue and Remedial Massage therapy from my relaxing rooms right in the centre of Exeter


I can tailor make your treatment using a combination of different techniques depending upon your specific problem areas and personal preferences for a more individual service.

£35 for 45 minutes
£45 for 60 minutes
£60 for 90 minutes

Gift Vouchers are also available for any occasion, these are very pretty and make lovely presents for friends and family. Vouchers can be ordered by text, telephone or email for a monetary amount of your choice.