Kundalini energy is powerful divine feminine energy, described as the ‘sleeping serpent’ for the way it lies coiled at the Muladhara (the root chakra) at the base of the spine. It is said to lay dormant and when awakened brings spiritual empowerment and a connectedness to a higher consciousness, a more enlightened way of being.
My kundalini awakening began during my massage training. I’d walked into the classroom for the first time and been struck by a sense that something important was going to happen.
During our studies we practiced different massage techniques on each other, a lot of deep tissue work including stretches for the hips and the psoas muscle.
The root chakra lies central to the psoas muscle and the health of the two is interconnected.
The root chakra is the base from which the three main nadi’s arise. These are energy channels named Ida, Sushumna and Pingala and they wind up the energy body, connecting at each chakra.
The psoas is often called the ‘muscle of the soul’ for it connects the upper body to the lower body and encompasses the three lower chakras of the energy body, storing emotions, memories and trauma.
It is said that trauma can bring on a kundalini awakening and while I cant recall anything specific happening at that time, I may have released some emotions from the past.
Although I hadn’t been practicing yoga, I had been sitting in a half lotus (padmasana) position with one foot up on the other thigh and the other foot tucked under my crossed legs and had also been laying on the floor with my sitting bones against the wall, my legs up the wall, bent like a frog with my soles together for an hour maybe at a time while reading or listening to music. The best way to describe it would be as similar to the yogic baddha kanasana pose but lying down. I call this the butterfly stretch during remedial work. Both of these positions will help to open and balance the root chakra.
I’ve heard it said that you cannot have a spontaneous awakening and there are things I can look back and possibly attribute mine too but it was unplanned and unprepared for and due to this I found it an uncomfortable and sometimes frightening experience
(for this reason, if you are wanting to work towards an awakening, you should find an experienced kundalini teacher for advice and support during the process)
Around this time, I started wanting some green amber after seeing some in a crystal shop window. I loved the depth of it, like looking into space and finding no end. I started craving it, dreaming about it, even saying the words out loud and writing them down repeatedly…green amber.
When I bought a green amber pendant and started wearing it everyday, I could feel it heating the skin on my chest and even leaving a reddish colour. (I’d also been wearing Dumortierite for about a year beforehand which is a good stone for past life remembering)
My back had also started to hurt which was unusual for me and seemed to be getting worse. Before long I was in extreme “pain”. I shuffled to the doctors who gave me super strong painkillers which didn’t touch my “pain” at all. That was when I wondered if it was psychosomatic in nature.
By this time I was not able to function at all. I felt unable to carry out every day tasks and laid on the floor with the number for the local hospital dialled into my phone, wondering if I should call someone.
I was trying not to move due to the growing intensity in my back but I kept getting this feeling of zoning out and my peripheral vision was closing in, like a horse with blinkers on. I felt so strongly that I wanted to meditate so I managed to get myself into a sitting position and as I closed my eyes, two things happened simultaneously. My vertebrae – all the bones in my spine – clicked audibly – I felt each one individually move from the base of my spine to the last cervical vertebrae at the base of my skull – as if my spine was being straightened with loud clicking noises and an intense release of energy from my lower back that rushed upward and out of the top of my crown chakra (Sahasrara)
I had energy running all over my skin and it felt like someone was ruffling my hair, as if it was actually moving around.
I saw in my mind, my third eye looking at me and as I looked into it, I went down a tunnel and into a scene from a past life where I was a young man, leaving the edge of land through some very tall caves. I had to swim down under a very deep cave wall and up and out the other side and I understood a fear I’d always had in this life of large enclosed spaces, like squash court walls and the inside of huge cathedrals.
I spat out my mercury filling which hadn’t been loose, which is why, even with contradictory evidence, I believe they are bad for you. I just opened my mouth and let it fall out to the floor. I think I must have been in a trance like state for around an hour and afterward I felt very relaxed and calm. I was also exhausted so I stood up and went to bed where I slept for 10 hours, not realising till I woke up that I had just skipped up the stairs as usual with no back pain at all.
They say a kundalini awakening leads to enlightenment and it does but I believe every experience is an enlightenment and can come in stages – from realising you are born and then you die – a child learning of the cycles of life – to an adult discovering they are a soul incarnate and that there is more to life than the things we understand with our everyday senses. Enlightenment can be a sudden epiphany or earth shaking experience but can also come as a gradual knowing or a re-remembering of something seemingly familiar, of ancient knowledge or a gift that we have a natural affinity for.
So how have I changed? Well, every area of my life has changed. Some changes have remained and some have changed again and then again.
I have since removed blocks from my chakras, worked on my energy body and I still enjoy learning new things.
I see my kundalini awakening as the activation of my third eye and the enhancement of my clairaudient/clairvoyant abilities – a powerful and profound experience for which I am grateful.
It was a long time till I wore my green amber pendant again and since then it has sat peacefully against my skin.