Inner Child Healing 


The inner child is an aspect of ourselves that is often overlooked or forgotten. It is the small voice inside of us that would like to be heard. It lives in the subconscious mind and can greatly affect our current lives. It is easy to think that we understand the past with an adult mind but the inner child lies beyond the conscious awareness and may not understand our adult perceptions.

 The subconscious mind has the primary function of keeping us feeling and behaving in the same way to every similar situation we encounter throughout our lives. Without understanding and integrating our past experiences they will continue to affect our lives.

 We need to connect with our inner child in order to talk with them in a way that they will understand, to let them speak, to tell us how they think and feel because we may have forgotten over time.

Inner child healing is not usually offered as a stand alone therapy and tends to be just one aspect of a particular counselling or healing therapy. 

 We often seek out help for our current day issues, such as relationship difficulties, emotional problems, money issues, addictions. Most of these issues have their roots in the past and in particular our childhoods.

 Our inner child carries a vibration and this vibration is sent out into the world around us, attracting more of the same. If we have issues that need healing, even that we remain unaware of, they will show up in the world around us, for example we can energetically push money away because we were made to feel guilt around money as a child, we can get stuck in negative cycles, attracting multiple issues and begin to feel that we are victims of fate and there is no way to change our circumstances.

 Our relationship attachment styles are created based on how well our needs were met and our core beliefs about ourselves are formed in our early years by the parents, teachers and peers of our younger selves.

 We can also be triggered by people and events, reacting or just feeling disproportionately to the situation because our unhealed wounds have become our frame of reference. I believe many of these situations are divinely orchestrated and in such a way that its practically impossible not to be triggered. These problems are a part of our souls growth and knowing this can help to release feelings of anger, resentment, shame and frustration.

Everyone can benefit from checking in with their inner child. Those who have had happy childhoods with loving parents may still notice a pattern of self limiting behaviour.

For those who were abused or neglected, at the heart lies a grief that the adult may not be able to tap into and therefore release.

 Hypnotherapy uses relaxation techniques to access the deeper memories that lie beneath the every day awareness so creating change on a deeper level. We can see our inner children with a compassion and empathy that we don’t always feel for ourselves. We can re-frame events, re-write negative beliefs, reapportion blame and empower ourselves to make better choices in life. 

 There is a misconception around hypnotherapy based on its use for entertainment. In the therapeutic setting, a hypnotherapy session is a guided meditation, you decide how deeply you relax, you choose what happens and you remember everything. 

We often feel closer to our loved ones, bring back happy memories and feel very relaxed following a session. 

A session lasts for 90 mins and costs £65



                                      Life can only be understood backwards but must be lived forwards


                                                                                      (Soren Kierkegaard)