welcome to Flame Tree Therapies

Reiki and Hypnotherapy  in Exeter


 Covid-19 update….clients are still welcome to book in and be seen in person, this is my preferred way to work, however… 
Reiki Energy Healing can be sent distantly
Tarot readings can be given in person or over the telephone
Past Life Regression can be given via skype/zoom.   
 For clients attending in person….appointments must be made 24hrs in advance, I will then send my coronavirus symptom checklist and can explain our new and hopefully temporary regulations.         
 Wishing you health and happiness.
Reiki Healing Therapy
Inner Child Healing
Past Life Regression
Tarot Readings

Healing for Mind Body Spirit

Are you ready to fly?
on delicate wings
into a new dawn
a beautiful soul
through a storm

Are you ready to rise?
To turn a new page?
When did the words
of others
become your cage?

Are you ready to heal?
To feel
To grow
to give
To  be the creator
of what becomes real
To live

G Leven 


Happy, Relaxed Clients

“Thank you for my massage today, I feel better than I have in weeks”
M Philips

“I felt amazing after my massage and for days afterward”
T Lane
“Looking forward to another one of your wonderful chill out massages”
J Tedburn
“I cant believe the discomfort I lived with for so long has gone”
M Piper
“I have been very impressed with the results of Geri’s massages and will be continuing them for as long as needed”
R Leisk
“Geri has a great sense of the muscles she is working on, easing them into releasing the tension they hold. Geri’s treatments are a truly relaxing experience, she has helped me enormously. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”
C McGlashan