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Reiki and Massage Therapy in Exeter

Holistic healthcare incorporates the mind, body and spirit which are interwoven and interacting at all times.

Massage is a great way to relax and unwind. Massage can also help people to manage and sometimes eradicate various health conditions, injuries and associated symptoms. There are many afflictions that people suffer with for years whose symptoms could be eased with massage.

Before training as a massage therapist I worked in the mental health field and this has given me an enhanced awareness of the mind, body connection. I am also attuned to a spiritually guided life force energy which I offer as a separate treatment (please see reiki page)

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Holistic Treatments

The holistic approach takes into consideration the emotions and memories stored in the physical body and I am mindful that I am massaging a person and not just a body.

For instance, during an accident the shock can be stored in the injury site and I can help this by letting the reiki healing energy flow through my hands at the same time as the massage.

I like to see the benefits that my work has had for each clients and how it has helped them lead healthier and happier lives.


Happy, Relaxed Clients

“Thank you for my massage today, I feel better than I have in weeks”
M Philips

“I felt amazing after my massage and for days afterward”
T Lane

“Looking forward to another one of your wonderful chill out massages”
J Tedburn

“I cant believe the discomfort I lived with for so long has gone”
M Piper

“I have been very impressed with the results of Geri’s massages and will be continuing them for as long as needed”
R Leisk

“Geri has a great sense of the muscles she is working on, easing them into releasing the tension they hold. Geri’s treatments are a truly relaxing experience, she has helped me enormously. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”
C McGlashan